Interviews!10th July, 2014

Bill has done the unthinkable – he’s interviewed all of the local bands that are playing at Trainspotters this weekend! Check it out – interviews with My Own Pet Radio, Bilby and Born Joy Dead.

Well done, Bingerzzz!

Hey Geronimo Takes Over Trainspotters29th June, 2014

Ok, so we’ve finished writing the album. What to do now? Record! But before then, we wanna put on some shows that showcase our favourite Brisbane artists, at our favourite Brisbane venue.

This night is the first in a series of three which we think all our fans (and all other like-minded music lovers) will really dig. There are drink specials all night and it’s FREE!

(put that shit in your diary!)

July 12 Trainspotters

Girl Who Likes Me – Film Clip4th April, 2014

Finally, we can show the world what we really got up to in India! Well, there aren’t too many surprises – lots of music, dancing and food! Good good times. Here is the clip for our latest single, filmed entirely on location. ENJOY!!

HG’s Indian Magical Mystery Tour11th January, 2014

HG Oprhan Group

We made it! We’re back!! Check out all the craziness we got up to in India right here at Pedestrian.

We’re going to chill our beans now and write some songs for the upcoming album. Getting really excited about the prospect of going back into the studio. As far as the recording process goes, we’re haven’t really decided on anything, but might be erring towards the theory of “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.” We’ll keep you all posted though.

See you at Bleach Festival in March!


Erring On The Side Of Awesome – Out Now!1st November, 2013

New music – How exciting! Check it out and tell us what you think. Playing all these songs at our upcoming shows too!!!

You can boost it HERE with a gig ticket and a poster for only $17.50! That, my friends, is a bargain in anybody’s language.


Erring EP