Dan Kelly and the Alpha Males: Drowning in the Fountain Of Youth

I was introduced to the record by James O’Brien from The Boat People. We used to hang out a lot when he still lived in Brisbane and I was obsessed with the local music scene. We actually met at the Translink call centre, getting by on telling peeps how to get to and from work on pubic transport. Not a bad job actually.

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First Impressions of 'Currents' by Tame Impala

I can think of few opening statements as bold as ‘Let It Happen’. Kevin Parker is a master of the studio as an instrument – the most jaw-dropping moment on Lonerism is at 4:07 in ‘Nothing That Has Happened So Far Has Been Anything We Could Control’, when the entire mix is sucked into a vortex and spat back out on a wave of glimmering, sickly synthesisers. It’s the kind of thing that most people in the rock world wouldn’t even think of doing, because it defies every normal rule of ‘taste’.

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Everything Everything: Get To Heaven

Weird rhythms, polished production, interesting textures, hooky choruses, morbid lyrics - this is extremely my shit. I haven’t heard anything by Everything Everything up to this point, but now I’m wondering how I managed to miss the memo. I’ll have to go back and investigate their first two albums; apparently Get To Heaven is more of the same but poppier.

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The Evolution of a Song

How does a song go from a half-formed idea in the writer's head to the finished product? While those close to the process take it for granted, it can be a mystery to the vast majority of the music loving public.

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Pete Comment
Right Place at the Wrong Time: Why The Dandy Warhols are Criminally Underrated.

Like many others who were too young to catch the Dandy Warhols in their late 90’s/early 00’s heyday, my first real introduction to their music was Ondi Timoner's seminal documentary, 'Dig!'. The conclusion everyone seems to draw from this (fantastic) documentary – including The Dandy Warhols themselves – is that back in the 90’s they were hipster poseurs leeching off the genuine artistic talent of The Brian Jonestown Massacre. I'm not convinced that their actual musical output bears that out. 

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Kevin Parker and the Brian Wilson Inheritance

Tame Impala are often described as a 'revivalist' band, the implication being that if your vocal timbre sounds like John Lennon through a Leslie cabinet you’re ripping off the Beatles. To paraphrase Roger Waters: give a man a Les Paul guitar and he doesn’t become Eric Clapton – give a man a Hofner bass and he doesn’t become Paul McCartney.

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